The Original World-LooM started it’s gaming adventure in 2008, followed by the creation of World-LooM Games in 2014. Currently we are concentrating on creating games where story is the most important element.

While a good game cannot exist without great gameplay elements, we believe a great story is the defining factor that makes a game something that you want to complete and remember, making the experience a full one.

While releasing 20 games, we’ve built a solid team of talented professionals, with each member of our team having been involved in at least 3 successful game launches.

We are a complete team of designers, 3D artists, 2D artists, programmers and level designers. It’s crucial that every one in the team knows each other and understands the ideas behind a story driven game, because no matter what you do for the game, you need to constantly remember that it must be consistent with the story itself.

We pay as much attention to constantly improving our skills as to the search for new ways to bring fun to our customers. Everyone in the team is encouraged to set hers or his professional goals so we all know where we are heading. We’ve also found that by cooperating with companies on our games we allow ourselves the opportunity to discover new ideas and enable us to incorporate the best practices that each of our partners use. This is why we are always open to new partners and are willing to seek new opportunities for cooperation.

While working on another Time Mangement title we are also working on a new title that will allow us to step out of premium casual games and reach out to more mid-core gamers.