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ImageMind Snares: Alice's Journey
Travel through amazing worlds to save yourself before it's too late!
Set Sail!
Sail with Katherine and her friends into a real Caribbean adventure!
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World-Loom has been working in the national and global gaming markets since 2008. We specialise in creating casual games - well known and much loved titles. We are responsible for the successfully received "Aerie: Spirit of the Forest", "Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford", "Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition", "Gardens Inc." and "Gardens Inc. 2" releases, as well as the internationally award-winning Fix-it-Up series, comprising "Fix-it-Up: Kate's Adventure", "Fix-it-Up: World Tour" and "Fix-it-Up 80's: Meet Kate's Parents". Our games are currently developed for the PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone platforms, but soon we will be launching our games on the Android platform. If you have ever dreamt of creating computer games - let US know! We would love to meet you, have a chat and show how we work.

Job positions:

Currently there is no running recruitment process.